We would like to say good bye to 2008 by giving away some sk8tgd grammies to the best and worst bands, songs, albums..bla..bla...bla.. of this year.

Worst Album: Trying To Be Me - Laura Bryna

Best Album: Dark Horse - Nickelback

Worst Song: Burnin' Up - The Jo Bros

Best Song: Viva La Vida - Coldplay

Worst Lyrics: Umbrella - Rihanna

Best Lyrics: Hot 'N Cold - Katy Perry

Worst Music Vid: Good Life - Kayne West ft.T-Pain

Best Music Vid: Break The Ice(Anime Version) - Britney Spears

Best Sk8r: Mike Vallely & Ryan Sheckler

Worst Soccer Player: Marco Materazzi

Best Soccer Player: Lionel Messi

Over and out,

Mike Valley - 'Twenty-One Years'

Hey this is K.O.

Anyway, we told you about my favourite skater Mike V on Sk8er Bio. last time.
This is 'Twenty One Years', a fan-made tribute to a man who has been pro for 21 years now, and this is just the beginning.
U guys r gonna luv this.

Mike Vallely
'Twenty-One Years'


Mike Vallely
(AKA Mike V) is a professional skateboarder, musician, TV personality (
DRIVE on Fuel TV), stuntman and actor. He has a reputation for being the ultimate hard guy after being caught on video taking on and beating up four guys single handedly in a street fight. But the tough guy is also known for having a big heart. He has involved himself in many charities and has worked extensively with young people, inspiring and empowering them to be individuals and to positively and creatively express themselves. He is a hero and a legend to fans young and old alike all over the world. Born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, Mike made a name for himself in 1986 when he was discovered by skateboarding legends Stacy Peralta and Lance Mountain while skateboarding in a parking lot in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The first east coast based street-skater to emerge on the scene, Mike became an overnight sensation in the skateboarding world and has remained one of its most influential and important professionals over the past twenty-two years and counting. Mike is also the vocalist for the kick-ass, hard rocking band Revolution Mother formed in 2005. Previously Mike sang for the hardcore outfit Mike V and the Rats and he was a guest vocalist in the Black Flag reunion shows at the Hollywood Palladium in 2003. After touring with bands like Bad Religion and Tiger Army as well as playing on the past two Warped Tours, Revolution Mother have fine tuned their sound and live show and continue to do damage to the music scene with their own brand of pissed off rock and roll. Passionate, articulate, intensified and energized like no other, Mike V has always walked unwavering to the beat of his own drum. He has pursued everything from professional wrestling to writing and self-publishing poetry and has done it all with his own unique and aggressive style. An outlaw, a daredevil, a poet and a family man; Mike V has somehow blended all of his interests and passions into one on-going celebration of life and living, inspiring generation after generation.

MIke V.


DRIVE season 3 airs on Fuel TV. Is featured in the Happy Madison Production, Paul Blart: Mall Cop starring Kevin James currently due to release on January 16, 2009. Is featured in the Warner Brothers comedy “The Hangover” due out June 12, 2009.
On June 26 Revolution Mother releases
“Glory Bound.” Does the entire Vans Warped Tour with Revolution Mother playing two sets a day. Featured in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground video game. Is featured on TLC’s “LA Ink.” DRIVE season 2 airs on Fuel TV.
Featured in Tony Hawk’s Project 8 video game. Does
Gumball Rally with Tony Hawk around the world from London to Los Angeles in eight days. Element Footwear releases Mike V pro model shoe. Begins to work with the Anaheim Ducks to promote ice hockey and the NHL in Southern California.
DRIVE (the television series) begins airing on Fuel TV. Is featured in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland video game. In November forms Revolution Mother. Featured on the MTV show “Viva La Bam.” Makes a cameo in the short mockumentary film “The Truth.” Plays “Danny” in the short film, “Mulberry Park.”
Is featured in Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 video game.
DRIVE (the television series) begins airing on RUSH HD.
Vallely Skateboards. Joins the Element Skateboards Team. In September is a guest vocalist in the Black Flag reunion shows at the Hollywood Palladium. Is featured in Tony Hawk’s Underground video game. Has a cameo role in the Warner Brothers adventure comedy “Grind.”
Plays in the
NHL Celebrity All-Star Hockey Game at Staples Center on January 30th. Leaves Black Label to form Vallely Skateboards. Build Worldwide releases the documentary film “Drive.” Is once again featured on Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tour on ESPN. Is featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 video game. Has a cameo role in Columbia Pictures action film “xXx.” Is featured on the first-ever skateboarding pay per view event “King Of Skate.”
411 Video Magazine releases the documentary film
“Stand Strong.” Is featured on Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tour on ESPN. On September 16th, second daughter Lucinda (Lucy) is born in Long Beach, CA. In December forms Mike V and the Rats.
Wrestles professionally for the UCW (Lorain, OH), EWF (San Bernardino, CA) and IWC (Riverside, CA). Also has a small cameo role wrestling in the Lion’s Gate film, Backyard Dogs. Plays Charlie Monroe in the indie film, 7-Teen Sips.
Etnies releases the documentary film
“Sponsored.” Launches the Accel Wheels brand.
First pro model shoe is released by Etnies. Disbands Transit and joins the Black Label Team.
Etnies Footwear Team. Leaves Powell Skateboards to form “Transit Skateboards.” Featured on MTV Sports “The Art Show.”
In June does first spoken-word performance in Phoenix, Arizona. In July
leads boycott of a skate contest in Munster, Germany.
Moves to Santa Barbara, CA to work for
Powell Skateboards as a team manager and promotions manager. Wins the first annual Tampa Pro Street Contest.
Moves back to New Jersey with family and lives in parents home.
Disbands TV and returns to what is now
Powell Skateboards.
Leaves New Deal to form his own brand “
TV or Television” with friend and partner Ed Templeton. Marries Ann on May 9th in Las Vegas and on December 29th their daughter Emily is born in Newport Beach, CA.
Leaves World Industries to ride for
New Deal Skateboards.
Is featured in the World Industries video, “
Rubbish Heap.” Begins self-publishing poetry.
In February quits Powell Peralta along with Rodney Mullen to help form the upstart, skater run and owned World Industries with Steve Rocco and Jesse Martinez. With the help of Rodney Mullen, designs the
first-ever pro model symmetrical skateboard (The Vallely Barnyard) thus changing skateboard shapes forever. Featured in the Santa Cruz Speed Wheels video, “Speed Freaks.” Stunt doubles for Christian Slater and Christian Jacobs in the skateboard film “Gleaming The Cube.”
First Pro Model Skateboard is released from Powell Peralta. Is featured in the Powell Peralta video, “Public Domain.” Moves to California and meets and begins dating future wife, Ann.
Turns pro on May 31st at a vert contest in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gets 3rd place in first pro streetstyle contest in Willamette, Oregon. Is featured in Powell Peralta video, “
The Search For Animal Chin.”
In February moves with family from New Jersey to Virginia Beach, Virginia. In June attends the NSA Professional Ramp Competition at Mount Trashmore as a spectator. While skateboarding in the parking lot is asked by Lance Mountain and Stacy Peralta to join the Powell Peralta Team: The Bones Brigade. In July moves back to New Jersey. Later that month flies to Oceanside, CA
to enter the NSA National Amateur Streetstyle Championships and gets first place. In August is featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine.
Joins a local band “Resistance” as vocalist, plays one show in New Brunswick, NJ with Aggression and 7 Seconds but is later kicked out of the band for not having any money and for
skateboarding too much.
Sees Black Flag play at City Gardens in Trenton, NJ on October 19th and
gets first skateboard, a Sims Jeff Phillips for Christmas.
Performs a solo of “Love On the Rocks” in elementary school chorus show.

Born on June 29th in Edison, NJ.

Well, thats all 4 now - but we'll be back with more on Mike V. photos, trivia and (hopefully) videos.
Signin' out